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Visa applications are to be submitted at the Italian Visa Application Center’s at London, Manchester or Cardiff (UK). All applications will be assessed by The Italian Consulate , London. The Visa Application Centres are operated by VF Services (UK) Limited..

For Prospective Applicants

If you wish to apply for a visa for Italy, we strongly recommend that you read the information on this site. The provided guidelines will help you prepare your application as accurately as possible and prevent any processing delays.
Visa Application Process

PLEASE NOTE: Applications for visas can be presented at the Italian Visa Application Centres at London, Manchester or Cardiff only if you live in England and Wales.

If you do not reside in England or Wales, you must only apply for your visa at the Italian Consulate in Edinburgh located at :

Edinburgh - General Consulate Italy
Address: 32 Melville Street, Edinburgh EH3 7HA, Scozia, U.K.


POSTAL APPLICATIONS – please click on the link ‘All About Your Visa’s’ on top left of this page for information regarding applying by post.

Step 1 : Only applications for the categories of Tourist, Business, Family/ Friend visits and Dependents/ Spouses of EEA Nationals who are resident in the UK.
Step 2 : Please go to the link on top left of this page All about your Visas”, “Non Immigrant visa’s’ to choose the right visa category for you and the requirements to make the visa application. Please ensure that you read the ‘documents required’ and ‘processing times’ sections carefully by clicking on these links. Please also be aware that documentary requirements may change from time to time, and applicants are therefore advised to check the requirements EVERY time when making a visa application, and should not proceed on information provided on previous applications.
Step 3 : All applicants travelling must apply in person - On arriving the visa application centre, you will be required to take a token at the entrance and be seated in the waiting area – you will next be called to our submission counter where your application and supporting documents will be scrutinized – your photograph and passport will be checked for validity – Finally, you will be issued a receipt for the fees and service charge paid as an acknowledgement. Please carry the originals and copies of all documents.

NOTE - when requesting multiple entry visa or long term visa’s ie 6 months or 1 year, please note that the decision to issue such visa’s rests solely with the Consulate itself. You may request such visa’s at the time of application, but we cannot guarantee the outcome of such requests.

NOTE - please be aware that no documentation will be returned with your passport, so unless specifically requested please do not give original copies of documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificate’s etc. Only copies of such documents should be submitted with your application.
Step 4 : Mandatory - Please Schedule an appointment at the visa application centers to submit your Short Stay Tourists, Business, Family/ Friend visit and Dependents/ Spouses of EEA Nationals application. click on the link to make an appointment . Please ensure you have checked the Jurisdiction section of the site (see bottom of page) before making your appointment, to ensure you are entitled to apply through the Italian Visa Application Center’s at London, Manchester or Cardiff .
Track Your Application Online
If you have already submitted an application at Italian Visa Application Centre in London you can track your application here.

You can track your application by entering your Receipt Number and your Date of Birth. Please click here


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